declutter your timeline

Twidy is an easy way to keep your timeline clutter-free

We all love Twitter, but sometimes it can seem cluttered and over-crowded. Your timeline can quickly become full of promotional material, spam and irrelevant content. Twidy is here to help you fix that.

Using an intuitive swipe-based interface, Twidy allows you to easily sort through your followed accounts on Twitter and unfollow the ones that just don’t cut it anymore. Queue up a list of accounts that you no longer wish to follow, and unfollow the whole batch with one tap. Fun, fast, simple.

Intuitive swipe interface

Twidy’s familiar swipe interface makes what is usually an arduous task fun. Just swipe to the left on accounts that you no longer wish to follow to add them to your unfollow queue.

Powerful filtering functions

Twidy is the most powerful Twitter unfollower on mobile. It allows you to instantly switch between all of your followed accounts, and both the accounts that follow you and don’t follow you back.

Achievements and progression

Twidy helps you keep track of your progression, giving you a little encouragement along the way. Each successful clear out is rewarded with an achievement, and the ability to share with your friends.

What are you waiting for? Declutter your timeline

Download Twidy now from the App Store and Google Play